461-155-0250    Effective 01/01/18
Income and Payment Standard; OSIPM

  1. An individual who is assumed eligible per OAR 461-135-0010 is presumed to meet the income limits for the OSIPM program.

  2. An individual meeting the requirements of OAR 461-135-0745 or OAR 461-135-0750, who is not assumed eligible and does not meet the income standards set out in sections (3) or (5) of this rule, must have countable (see OAR 461-001-0000) income that is equal to or less than 300 percent of the full SSI standard for a single individual or have established a qualifying trust as specified in OAR 461-145-0540(10)(c).

  3. An individual, other than one identified in section (1), (2), or (5) of this rule, must have adjusted income below the standard in this section.

    Adjusted Income Standards
    Number in Need Group One Two

  4. In the OSIPM (except OSIPM-EPD) program, an individual in a nursing facility or an ICF-MR is allowed the following amounts for clothing and personal incidentals:

    1. For an individual who receives a VA pension based on unreimbursed medical expenses (UME), $90 is allowed.

    2. For all other individuals, $61.38 is allowed.

    3. For an individual identified in subsection (b) of this section with countable income (including any SSI) that is less than $61.38, the payment standard is equal to the difference between the individual's countable income (including any SSI) and $61.38. For the purposes of this subsection, countable income includes income that would otherwise be countable for an individual who is assumed eligible under OAR 461-135-0010.

  5. In the OSIPM-EPD program, the adjusted earned income limit is 250 percent of the federal poverty level for a family of one.

Stat. Auth.: ORS 409.050, 411.060, 411.070, 411.404, 411.704, 411.706, 413.085, 414.685
Stats. Implemented: ORS 411.060, 411.070, 411.404, 411.704, 411.706

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