Release 88: Effective January 1, 2018

Temporary Assistance For Domestic Violence Survivors Program (TA-DVS) -
D.   Financial Eligibility


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  1. TA-DVS eligibility and benefit calculation
  2. TA-DVS applicants must still meet TANF financial eligibility requirements, except as follows:

    Specific Requirements; TA-DVS Rule
    461-135-1200 — Specific Requirements; TA-DVS

  3. Determining countable income in TA-DVS cases (DHS 1542)
  4. Income is determined at time of intake. Follow this process at intake for the last 30-day period.

    When payments are requested, we evaluate income that is available at the time.

    Step One:

    What funds has the survivor received in the last 30 days? Only consider liquid (cash) resources.

    Step Two:

    What funds does the survivor have immediately available to meet their needs?

    Step Three:

    What funds, if any, will the survivor receive within the 90-day eligibility period? When will the income be received? Do not delay addressing safety concerns based on potential future income.

    TANF grant:  

    Child Support:


    Unemployment benefits:






    What part of this income is available to meet part of the survivorís needs? If any, plan with the survivor what part of their needs they can take care of and what we will help with. Document agreed-upon expenditures in the Self-Sufficiency Domestic Violence Assistance Agreement (DHS 1543).

    Specific Requirements; TA-DVS Rule
    461-135-1200 — Specific Requirements; TA-DVS

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