Release 73B:  Effective June 26, 2014

Job Participation Incentive -
A.  Program Intent and Overview


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  1. Program intent
  2. The intent of the Job Participation Incentive (JPI) is to provide an additional food benefit to help increase the ability of parents with children to meet the nutritional needs of their families.

  3. Program overview
  4. The JPI benefit provides a $10 payment per month to SNAP cases with individuals that meet the TANF federal work participation rate by working at unsubsidized employment. The incentive is issued through the Oregon Trail (EBT) card connected to the SNAP open case. The benefits have the same USDA restrictions as the monthly SNAP food benefits. The individuals must be parents of a dependent child (See OAR 461-001-0000) under 18. The individual must meet SNAP citizen or qualified noncitizen criteria and be in the benefit group for SNAP.

    By providing this incentive as food benefits, the Department of Human Services (DHS) does not have to count JPI as income for any other DHS program the client is eligible for.

    The incentive will allow the department to include these individuals in the TANF federal work participation rate.

Specific Requirements; Job Participation Incentive Rule
461-135-1260 — Specific Requirements; Job Participation Incentive

Program Benefits Rule
461-145-0410 — Program Benefits

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