Release 87:  Effective October 1, 2017

Pre-TANF Program -
C.   Case Management


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  1. Initial assessment
  2. All TANF applicants begin in the Pre-TANF Program for the initial screening of strengths, needs and barriers. To complete the initial assessment process:

    After the initial screening, engage the applicant in the Pre-TANF Program if they could benefit from participation. Open the TANF case after the initial assessment process if they are JOBS-eligible for TANF and deemed unlikely to benefit from the Pre-TANF Program, or if there are no JOBS-eligible adults in the household.

    Specific Requirements; Pre-TANF Program Rule
    461-135-0475 — Specific Requirements; Pre-TANF Program

  3. Pre-TANF Program case plans
  4. Begin the Pre-TANF Program the date applicants are assigned activities on their initial Personal Development Plan (PDP)/case plan. Help the family develop goals and identify strengths and available resources that can be used to accomplish their goals.

    For many applicants, employment is the first and most important resource. After assessing the employability of the applicant, mutually develop a case plan for participation in the employment preparation or self-sufficiency services. This may include a labor market test (job search) to further assess employability.

    Child support is a potential resource for families with a noncustodial parent. Gather sufficient information about the noncustodial parent for DCS to establish paternity and pursue support. Explain good cause criteria for noncooperation with the child support requirement.

    For victims of domestic violence, getting assistance to stabilize their situation is the most important, first resource. Thus, their case plan may include referrals to community resources for counseling, prevention and protection related to domestic violence.

      Do not require domestic violence victims to participate in specific JOBS and other activities that could jeopardize their safety or the safety of their children.

    Enter the assigned activities on the applicant's PDP and record them on TRACS.

    Specific Requirements; Pre-TANF Program Rule
    461-135-0475 — Specific Requirements; Pre-TANF Program

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