Release 87: Effective October 1, 2017

Pre-TANF Program -
E.   Noncooperation and Disqualification


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  1. Refusal to comply during the Pre-TANF Program for presumed TANF eligible
  2. To receive payments through the Pre-TANF Program, JOBS-eligible participants, when appropriate, must work with the Department of Human Services (DHS) in developing and cooperating with a case plan for employment and self-sufficiency activities.

    Start the re-engagement process immediately when concerns arise related to participation in Pre-TANF Program case plan activities.

    In the re-engagement process, DHS will work to re-engage the participant by identifying and addressing any problems that may be impacting participation.

      If the re-engagement process is not completed prior to eligibility determination, open the TANF grant without a disqualification and complete the re-engagement process.

    Prior to applying a disqualification, a review process must be completed as outlined in detail in Section M of the TANF chapter (TF-M).

    A local disqualification review team will confirm:

    If the review team makes a determination that the participant has refused to participate in agreed-upon activities and the disqualification is appropriate, apply the disqualification.

    A basic decision notice is needed when disqualifying the participant for refusing to comply with assigned activities during the Pre-TANF Program. The notice must be sent to the participant before the effective date of disqualification.

    If the participant is eligible for TANF, open the TANF grant at that point and impose disqualifications as follows:

    Disqualifications; Pre-TANF, REF, SNAP, TANF Rule
    461-130-0330 — Disqualifications; Pre-TANF, REF, SNAP, TANF

    Removing Disqualifications and Effect on Benefits Rule
    461-130-0335 — Removing Disqualifications and Effect on Benefits

    Specific Requirements; Pre-TANF Program Rule
    461-130-0475 — Specific Requirements; Pre-TANF Program

    Notice Situation; Disqualification Rule
    461-175-0220 — Notice Situation; Disqualification

    Re-engagement; JOBS, Pre-TANF, REF, SFPSS, TA-DVS Rule
    461-190-0231 — Re-engagement; JOBS, Pre-TANF, REF, SFPSS, TA-DVS

  3. Noncompliance where TANF eligibility is in question
  4. Do not open TANF with a disqualification for applicants who do any of the following:

    These applicants' TANF application is denied (or withdrawn) on the 30th day after they applied.

    Notice Situation; Voluntary Action Rule
    461-175-0340 — Notice Situation; Voluntary Action

    Effective Dates; Denial of Benefits Rule
    461-180-0060 — Effective Dates; Denial of Benefits

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