Release 67:  Effective October 1, 2012

State Family Pre-SSI Program -
A.   Program Intent and Overview


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  1. Program Intent
  2. The intent of the state Family Pre-SSI (SFPSS) program is to provide interim cash assistance, case management and professional level support to TANF-eligible adults and their family in pursuing Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The TANF-eligible adult must have severe physical or mental impairment(s) that has been assessed and determined to meet the program impairment criteria by the program's disability analyst.

  3. Program Overview
  4. The state Family Pre-SSI program is funded by General Fund dollars. The department recoups a portion of the money allocated for the program through SSI reimbursement. When the TANF-eligible adult is found eligible for this program, they must agree to and sign an Interim Assistance Authorization (DHS 7814). This contract allows the department to be reimbursed for the adult's portion of any SFPSS payments made to the family out of the initial lump-sum payment the adult receives from SSI.

    To qualify for the SFPSS program, the adult must be found eligible to for and receive a TANF grant, and be determined eligible by the program's disability analyst based on impairment criteria.

    Definitions for Chapter 461 Rule
    461-001-0000 — Definitions for Chapter 461

    Impairment Criteria; SFPSS Rule
    461-125-0260 — Impairment Criteria; SFPSS

    Specific Requirements; SFPSS Eligibility Rule
    461-135-1195 — Specific Requirements; SFPSS Eligibility

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