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Number Title Effective Date
461-190-0110Definitions for the JOBS Program Renumbered to 461-001-0025  01/01/07
461-190-0151 Case Planning; JOBS, Pre-TANF, REP, SFPSS, TA-DVS  01/01/18
461-190-0161JOBS Components and Activities Repealed  01/01/07
461-190-0163Restrictions on On-the-Job Training, Unpaid Employment, Work Supplementation; JOBS and REP  01/01/18
461-190-0171Education Requirements for Teen Parents; JOBS  10/01/17
461-190-0181Basic Education for Nonteens; JOBS  10/02/98
461-190-0183 Basic Education; REP  01/01/18
461-190-0191Self-Initiated Education and Training Repealed  01/01/04
461-190-0195Degree Completion Initiative Component Repealed  10/01/08
461-190-0197Microenterprise Component  01/01/07
461-190-0199Parents as Scholars  10/01/11
461-190-0201Job Search; JOBS Repealed  03/01/08
461-190-0211 Case Plan Activities and Standards for Support Service Payments; JOBS, Post-TANF, Pre-TANF, REF, REP, SFPSS, TA-DVS, TANF Temp Eff 06/01/18 through 06/30/18
461-190-0212 Case Plan Activities and Support Services; JOBS, Post-TANF, Pre-TANF, REF, SFPSS, TA-DVS, TANF Repealed  10/01/15
461-190-0221Conditions for JOBS Support Payments and Services Repealed  10/01/04
461-190-0231 Re-engagement; JOBS, Pre-TANF, REP, SFPSS, TA-DVS  01/01/18
461-190-0241Transition Services; JOBS  03/01/08
461-190-0310 Limits to SNAP Employment and Training Components and Activities  10/01/17
461-190-0340OFSET Independent Job Search Repealed  10/01/00
461-190-0348OFSET Independent Job Search Repealed  10/01/00
461-190-0350Job Search Training and Employment-Related Activities; OFSET Repealed  01/01/01
461-190-0353Continuous Job Search; OFSET Repealed  10/01/00
461-190-0360 Special Payments; SNAP Employment and Training Programs  01/01/17
461-190-0401Applicability Tech Amend  01/01/10
461-190-0406Eligibility of Clients  10/01/17

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