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📢 Attention all CMEs 📢

eXPRS v2024.2 has been released, and you may now create new Plans of Care and Service Prior Authorizations for PSW services from 7/1/2024 forward.

📢 For PSWs 📢

If you have a SPA starting on 7/1/2024 or later, you can create draft Service Delivered Billing Entries using eXPRS Mobile-EVV or the eXPRS Desktop site if the SPA is in Accepted status. However, you will not be able to submit these Draft SDs to Pending status, and you will see "No Valid Rates Found" on the SPA. After the "lookback" process is completed, you will see your assigned rate and be able to submit the SDs to Pending status. The "lookback" process will be run in mid-July and completed before July 15th.

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