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If you are trying to edit a SPA that crosses over 6/30/2022, you will need to split the SPA or the Plan Line on 6/30/2022. Then you can end the SPA on desired date and/or make updates as required.

Agency Providers: When you see NA in the Rate Field of an SPA, that means it is a Fixed Rate Service, and the rate is in the Rates section at the bottom. Also, when you see an SD Billing Entry with a Rate & Amount of $0.00, that means it is a fixed rate service. The SD Billings and Claims will submit and pay you the correct amount based on the fixed rate found on the SPA. In the future, the $0.00 will be modified to show blank for Fixed Rate services. For more information, please view the eXPRS Webinars found on Workday Learning.

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